• Location

    Turku, Finland
  • Client

  • Year

    2022 –
  • Size


No less important for the overall picture is an outbuilding.

Located next to a listed building, the position of the garage was chosen to frame the courtyard.
The site also offers sunlight, does not obstruct the view of neighbors and has not required any trees to be felled.

Since solar panels do not fit the old main building, special panels are chosen for the garage roof. The aim is to optically melt them into the black zinc sheet roof without appearing as foreign bodies.
(Note: solar panels awaiting installation in the garage)

Before image After image

The foundation consists of stones from the plot and some cement to hold them in place

The facade panels have already done their job on another building. An unexpectedly beautiful new pattern has emerged and gives a timeless look. The door used to be in the main building. The window is purchased from a dealer of old building materials. It used to be located in the center of Turku. (Door and window are not painted yet).


Foundation: Stones, cement, gravel, 20m drainage

Floor: paving stones for the garage foam glass and clay for the bike room

Construction: spruce wood, wooden taps, screws

Facade: pre-owned: boards from a shelter, screws

Roof: boards, zinc sheet

Door: pre-used found on the property

Window: pre-owned, bought from a retailer